Clinic: 8 total sessions, ends 2/26/22

TOWN (Beg/Jr Basketball)
1/8 OFF (wrestling)

1/9 First Practice


1/16 OFF (gym conflict) 

All age groups other than Jr Boys: Playoffs begin 2/27/22 (Semis) and Final on 3/5/22


Jr Boys: Playoffs begin 2/26/22 (Quarterfinals); 2/27/22 (Semis) and Final on 3/5/22

  • This week, players will be masked for town and clinic.

This update serves to speak to the HTAA Basketball plan for the weekend of 1/15.  We will coordinate with the Haddon Twp School District as we move forward.  Please remember 1/16 is an off day.  Please check for your schedule.  Not every athlete in a particular grade will play at the same exact time or location!

There are a few key non-negotiables as we move forward:

  • If your athlete feels any symptoms (Sore Throat, Muscle aches, Vomiting, Diarrhea, Chills, Fatigue, Headache, Congestion or runny nose, Nausea) please keep them home!

  • Each player entering the gym will need to show a green screen from  Coaches will check them!

  • If you decide to hold your athlete out for a week due to any concerns, please know we will not unenroll any athletes who miss a week or two.  Please feel agency over choosing what is best for your child. 

  • HTAA policy regarding the Covid19 protocol is in sync with the HTSD policy.  If you can come to school, you can come to basketball.  If you cannot come to school, you cannot come to basketball!

  • 1 spectator per athlete.  All coaches, spectators, and scorekeepers are to be masked. 

  • This week, players too will be masked.

In the upper and lower gym, please follow the new exit protocols!

For this week everything is on!  We are going to require everyone to wear masks.  The protocols and rules may change over time.  Everyone in the gym will be masked.  We are going to require everyone to wear masks. Players, coaches and spectators will wear a mask.

  1. NO need to arrive early, we can not access the gym too early

  2. NO need to bring a basketball, we have plenty.

If you are uncomfortable bringing your child this weekend for any reason, please feel the agency and power to hold them out.  This week is only 1 event out of many between now and 3/6!

  • UPDATE #2 (Dec 23, 2021)
    Town Basketball starts 1/9. Clinic will start on 1/8.