NO fee tryouts

Published by Brad Campbell
Nov 03, 2020

Hello!  We are looking towards moving to our no-fee try out process for HTAA Travel Basketball.  This email will explain the tryout process, our new fee structure and our COVID19 protocols.

Many grades will only be able to support one team for the following reasons:

  1. The leagues are very limited with game times 

  2. We are limited with practice space.  

  3. The leagues (SJBL for boys and ICBL for girls) have restricted our ability to have multiple teams in the same level (A/B). 

  4. One of the leagues(CCBL) that we have partnered with in the past is trending towards not operating this winter, thus further restricting our flexibility to offer multiple teams per grade.

Please note these deadlines are not traditional HTAA deadlines.  These are hard and fast as we have no flexibility.  The form for STEP 2 & the form for STEP 3 will be embedded in your confirmation email.

Anyone who wants to tryout must have step 1,2 and 3 done by 11/12 at midnight.

There are 4 key steps:

STEP 1: Deadline for Registering for no-fee tryouts is 11/12 at Midnight. 

Available via HTAASPORTS.ORG

STEP 2 Deadline for completing Initial Covid Questionnaire 11/12. 

Sent to you after completing HTAA registration.*

(One time Covid19 form: )

STEP 3: After completing your first two steps, you will be asked to pick a try-out slot.

 (Tryout time selection:

Here is what your confirmation email will look like:

(We have added the two red arrows so you can find the links)

STEP 4: On try-out day, you will need to complete a daily Covid questionnaire. (That one will be shared with you in the confirmation email!)

You will receive an email from HTAA Basketball confirming your child's tryout slot as only 20 athletes will be admitted per session.  Please note the results of the tryouts might not be announced until after Thanksgiving.

We are anticipating player fees of $165.  Several of the COVID19 protocols we are going to enact are costly.  Please note if your child needs a new uniform that will involve an additional expense.

If our teams have access to a league, these fees will be used to pay the league fee.

If our team does not have access to a league, these fees will be used to cover tournament entry fees.

Additionally, many people inquired about our cleaning/COVID19 prevention protocols:

  • Each league/game site will have their own Covid protocols.

  • Both the boys/girls leagues are looking for “Bubble” sights to host their games.

HTAA gyms:

  • Every practice, parents will complete a pre-practice Covid questionnaire.  Same as step 4 of tryout process.

  • Anyone with symptoms is required to stay home.

  • Every practice, coaches will take temps, anyone at or over 99 will not be allowed to practice.  Players will be required to wear masks in and out of the building.  

  • Teams will use different doors to enter and exit the gym

  • At practice, players will be asked to space their materials 6’ apart on a sideline.  

  • Coaches will wear a mask.  

  • Players will be encouraged to use hand sanitizer stations between drills or during drink breaks.