Published by Brad Campbell
Jan 19, 2021


Please see the information below regarding the HTAA Basketball offerings for the winter of 2021.  

This program hopes to offer some basketball experience for our young people this winter while dealing with the realities of this global pandemic.  

We are looking at offering this program for 4-8th grade.  

If we have space, we may also open the program to 3rd graders.

HTAA Basketball is targeting starting in early February and ending in early March.  

This allows us to benefit from the high school experience (they started in January) and avoid conflicting with Spring sports.

Here are the particulars

  1. The fee will be a non-refundable $65.  This will be non refundable as these funds will be spent in advance of opening.  

  2. We hope to get each group somewhere between 8-10 dates.  There is a possibility that each group may get less with the pandemic and the realities facing the HT school district.

  3. Groups of less than 30 will be created after registration is completed.  

  4. Groups will be created with consideration of grade level and student-athletes home school (elementary or Middle).

  5. Permanent groups will be assigned dates for basketball.

  6. We will use a play-date format.  Each night will be a few warm-up drills followed by games.

  7. Each player will receive a red/white reversible pinnie of their own to avoid any sharing/contact issues.

  8. Most of the gyms we will use have a NJ COVID19 policy occupancy of over 60; we will be under that by 50%.

  9. Our HTAA volunteers will run those events.  Volunteers will be asked to wear masks during the entire event.  HTAA will provide electric whistles so they may remain masked.

  10. We will not use any High School volunteers.  We are hoping to minimize any cross exposures by doing this and the creation of the groups.

  11. HTAA Basketball is still CONSIDERING requiring the players wear and play with their masks on.  

  12. All of the COVID19 precautions that we designed for travel tryouts will apply to this program.

  13. Athletes will have to complete a covid checker and show their all clear to the volunteer running the event.

  14. Athletes will have their possessions placed around the gym to avoid congregating.

  15. We will use separate entrance/exit protocols to avoid transmission/contamination issues.

  16. Parents will not be allowed in the gyms at all.

  17. If the school district is full remote; that automatically cancels our events.

We would like to gather our numbers and find what our groups look like; to see if there is enough interest and we can satisfy all demand.  Here is our process: